Fri, 24 Sep 2010

A note on interference between independent bosonic fields under U(1) superselection rule

There has been a controversy concerning a question “why two independently prepared Bose-Einstein condensates interferes?” I once considered the problem, and after surveying many related works, doing some calculations myself, and giving a couple of talks about the topic, I feel the problem is now well understood. Still, this question keeps making people confused. I decided to post a note on the subject, which is a slightly modified version of a manuscript I wrote for QIT21. I also uploaded a presentation file I used in a seminar held in Ueda group. I hope these articles help you understanding the problem.


参考:日々の雑感的なもの 11/12/2000(日) 11/13/2000(月) 11/14/2000(火) 11/15/2000(水) 11/20/2000(月) 2009/12/22(火)

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