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(Last modified on Mon, 12 Oct 2009 21:56 JST)

Sat, 10 Oct 2009

Long time no see Clip to Evernote

I didn't post entries during last few weeks. As you might notice from my Twitter posts, I came back from Rome without troubles. It was great being in Rome! I want to say thank you to all people I met in Rome. I uploaded photos I took in Rome, though some of these are missing titles and descriptions. I hope you enjoy these photos!

As I twitted, I stopped updating my Tumblr and started using Delicious. My FriendFeed now feeds kwkbtr’s log (this blog), Twitter, Flickr and Delicious (and If you want to keep track of my activities with one feed, I recommend using it.

As I wrote on the homepage, I will present a poster “Interference between independent bosonic fields under U(1) superselection rule” at QIT 21 in Tokyo on 4 Nov 2009. If you have time, please check it out!

I realized that it is hard to start writing in the diary again after stopped for a while. But anyway I finished one entry! I hope I can establish my pace, not only of updating this web site but also of my everyday life.

As I am not a native English speaker, there might be some grammatical mistakes in my English writings. If you find them, please let me know. I appreciate any comment :-)

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